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Mondo's™ Blonde Ale

Named after a local beginning surf beach just North of Ventura. Brewed in the style of an American Cream Ale, Mondo's is a refreshing lighter bodied ale, with a mild bready malt character and just a hint of corn to add a crisp finish and accent the subtle hop bitterness. Pairs well with salad or grilled chicken. Silver Medal winner at the 2012 LA County Fair Commercial Beer Competition.

Available by the keg: 15.5 Gal $155.00

Specifications for Mondo's™

  • 11.5° Plato
  • 16 IBU
  • 3.8 SRM
  • 5.0% ABV

County Line Rye™ Rye Pale Ale

Named after a surf spot bordering Ventura County & LA County. Brewed as an American Pale Ale with a twist, a healthy dose of rye adds a subtle spiciness and frothy white head while generous amounts of pleasantly spicy and floral American hops compliment the gentle rye character. Pairs well with a sloppy burger at the beach! Gold medal winner in 2012, Silver medal in 2013 and Bronze in 2015, at the LA International Commercial Beer Competition.

Specifications for County Line Rye™

  • 14.0° Plato
  • 41 IBU
  • 7.0 SRM
  • 6.0% ABV

Surf™ Seasonal IPA Belgian White IPA

Just in time for the Holiday Season, we are excited to change things up with a Belgian style white IPA. Focused on delivering complexity with a blend of Belgian Yeast strains and traditional West Coast hopping. This will be the closest thing we Californians get to a white winter.

Available by the keg: 15.5 Gal $165.00

Limited Release!

Specifications for Surf™ Seasonal IPA

  • 16.0° Plato
  • 67 IBU
  • 12.0 SRM
  • 7.0% ABV

Oil Piers™ Seasonal Porter Vanilla

Same great porter base with Madagascar vanilla beans added for additional flavor.

Specifications for Oil Piers™ Seasonal Porter

  • 14.5° Plato
  • 30 IBU
  • 35.0 SRM
  • 6.0% ABV

South Swell™ Double IPA

NEW RECIPE-NOW MORE DANK! In Ventura, good things come from the South in the Summer. In this case, in the form of our big Double India Pale Ale featuring Hops from Australia and New Zealand and Patagonia Caramel malt from Chile. Dry-hopping provides aroma to a dominant hop profile of citrus and gooseberries with just enough malt backbone to support the aggressive hopping.

Available by the keg: 15.5 Gal $195.00 5.1 Gal $110.00

Specifications for South Swell™

  • 18.5° Plato
  • 103 IBU
  • 9.0 SRM
  • 9.0% ABV

Aerial™ IPA

Aerial IPA is a hop-forward American style India Pale Ale, named after an aggressive surfing maneuver. Starting off with a strong aroma of dank resins and citrus from generous dry-hopping, Aerial boasts similar flavors on the palette balanced against a restrained bready malt backbone, finishing with a lingering hoppiness that isn’t overly bitter. The light body keeps the beer refreshing and allows the hops to shine through without too much malt sweetness to negate the power of the aggressive hopping. Enjoy with crispy fish tacos with a simple cilantro and tomato salsa.

Available by the keg: 5.1 Gal $85.00

Specifications for Aerial™

  • 14.0° Plato
  • 65 IBU
  • 8.0 SRM
  • 6.5% ABV

National Park Amber Ale

In 2016, in celebration of the 100 year Anniversary of our National Parks and our local National Park, Channel Islands, we brewed a special beer for the first time. This light bodied American Amber Ale is malty with notes of caramel. Pair with a light chicken taco or burrito at sunset while viewing Anacapa Island’s famed arch silhouette. Honorable mention at 2016 Los Angeles beer competition.

Specifications for National Park

  • 14.0° Plato
  • 23 IBU
  • 14.0 SRM
  • 5.0% ABV

Surf Seasonal IPA Simcoe IPA

K.I.S.S. Keep it Simple at Surf. Classic malt bill with single hop dry hopping from Simcoe.

Limited Release!

Specifications for Surf Seasonal IPA

  • 16.0° Plato
  • 73 IBU
  • 12.0 SRM
  • 7.0% ABV

Oil Piers™ Seasonal Porter Robust Porter on Nitro

Named after a now extinct surf break between Santa Barbara and Ventura, Oil Piers™, Robust Porter on Nitro is back in the house! The original recipe that won us a Gold Ribbon at the 2013 California State Fair beer competition.

Limited Release!

Specifications for Oil Piers™ Seasonal Porter

  • 16.0° Plato
  • 25 IBU
  • 35.0 SRM
  • 6.0% ABV

Wahine™ Seasonal Wheat - Apple

This American wheat versions uses Washington State apples for a great aroma and refreshing flavor.

Available by the keg: 5.1 Gal $75.00

Limited Release!

Specifications for Wahine™

  • 11.5° Plato
  • 20 IBU
  • 5.0 SRM
  • 50.0% ABV

Wahine™ Seasonal Wheat - Strawberry

Hawaiian for Polynesian Princess or Surf Chick here in the States, our Wahine line of American Wheat beers, will use different fruit seasonally throughout the year. The fruit gives the beer a refreshing slight fruity flavor and aroma. Pairs well with anything light fish tacos.

Limited Release!

Specifications for Wahine™

  • 11.5° Plato
  • 20 IBU
  • 5.0 SRM
  • 5.0% ABV

Surf Seasonal Sour Sour Brown Raspberry

Brewed as an American Brown Ale to provide a malty backbone, then kettle-soured a little longer than our tart series. Fresh raspberries were added in the fermentation stage to provide even more complexity. This is the next stage in reaching pucker nirvana.

Limited Release!

Specifications for Surf Seasonal Sour

  • 11.0° Plato
  • 9 IBU
  • 24.0 SRM
  • 5.0% ABV

Kegged Beer from Surf Brewery

Do you want to serve Surf Brewery beer at your own party or event? We have you covered with fresh kegged beer directly from our brewery in Ventura! All hardware required to dispense your kegged beer is also available to rent.


15.5 gallons (½ BBL) serves about 124 pints of beer, 5.1 gallons (⅙ BBL) serves about 40 pints of beer. All kegs require a refundable deposit.

  • Beer15.5 gal5.1 gal
  • Mondo's™ Blonde Ale$155.00Contact Us
  • Surf™ Seasonal IPA Belgian White IPA$165.00Contact Us
  • South Swell™ Double IPA$195.00$110.00
  • Aerial™ IPAContact Us$85.00
  • Wahine™ Seasonal Wheat - AppleContact Us$75.00
  • Refundable Deposit *$100.00$50.00
  • Beer Club Member info10% off10% off

For availability and reservations email: beer@surfbrewery.com

Hardware Rental

If you need any hardware to dispense your keg of beer, we can set you up with everything you need. Also get $5 off any rental fee with a keg purchase!

  • ItemRental FeeDeposit *
  • Pump (single) and plastic bin$25.00$30.00
  • One tap jockey box, includes CO2 tank$60.00$250.00
  • Two tap jockey box, includes CO2 tank$80.00$250.00
  • CO2 tank by itself$50.00$100.00

Note: Ice is NOT included.

* In order to receive a full refund on your security deposit, please read carefully: Keg, pump and bin must be returned within 45 days, if not a $20 per week additional rental fee will be charged. Jockey boxes must be returned within 7 days, or a $25 per day additional rental fee will be charged.

Also on tap at Surf Brewery

Besides our year-round and seasonal brews, we also serve blends, specialty beers and non-alcoholic beverages.


A blend of Mondos Blonde Ale and lemonade, our local twist on a Shandy!

Black & Rye

A blend of Surf Black IPA and County Line Rye, 6.25% ABV.

Hop Rocket®

NEW each Friday, give us a shout or stop by to see what's hitting the Rocket this week!

Sorry, our taps are full and we have no space for a Hop Rocket right now...

Hop Rocket® is a registered trademark of Blichmann Engineering. It is a stainless steel device that we use to provide super freshness in a glass on Friday Nights. Whole leaf hops and usually some other fresh ingredients are packed into the Hop Rocket® and connected up to our draft line at the bar. One of our standard beers is filtered through the fresh ingredients into a glass. Pleasure noises or words are heard throughout the brewery as patrons enjoy the freshest brew possible.

Barrel-Aged Beer

Periodically we will tap a keg of our limited release Scientific Series™ Barrel-Aged beer.

Two currently available; Scientific Series C-02 Blonde Ale aged in French Oak Rose barrels then dry hopped with New Zealand Nelson hops. D-01 Belgian Style Dark Quadrupel aged in French oak barrels with wild Brettanomyces. Available in 5oz and 12oz stemmed glass. Sorry, no growler fills.

Brewing Terminology

Beer brewing like anything else has its own set of lingo and terminology. So if you hear some words thrown around that you don't understand, don't hesitate to ask!

° Plato
Simply the measurement of fermentables (ie. sugar) present in the wort before it is fermented into beer. Named after German scientist Fritz Plato who in 1900 revised the current scale to correct errors of measurement.
Stands for International Bittering Units. This refers to the amount of isomerized hop resins in the beer, and is given in parts per million. Essentially, the higher this number, the more bitter the beer. This can be misleading however as bitterness is a subjective perception, and other ingredients can change the flavor. Our suggestion, try them all!
Stands for Standard Reference Method. This is one of several systems modern brewers use to describe the color of beer. SRM uses light meters to measure color density passing through 1 cm of beer. The higher the number, the darker the beer.
Stands for Alcohol by Volume. The percentage of your beer that is alcohol, typically between 4% - 10%.